Friday, July 9, 2010

Sugar is poison! :ox

The more I have health problems after consuming sugar, the more I am convinced it is toxic.
Case in point:
When I am very good, eating a well balance diet, only consuming honey occasionally & stevia, I feel so much healthier.
But, when I have been craving & binging on sweets & junk food.....I feel ill. I get achy, sore joints, I'm irregular, have mood swings, crying jags, & just generally don't feel well at all.
Some ER doc once tried to tell me he suspected I may have fibromyalgia. Who doesn't these days? It seems everyone is being diagnosed with either ADD/ADHD, fibromyalgia, or autism. Not to mention the other scores of diseases.
I have been reading up on this subject for years & I know better than to eat it. But my body craves it & it's in everything nowadays!
Growing up my mom limited & watched very closely our sugar consumption.
When I was very young she had been told I was hypoglycemic, maybe that is part of the reason for her concern. Or maybe she just knew there was a connection even back then.
When I would go to a friend's house I would binge on sugary junk food & become very ill. It was like my body was trying to make up for lost time, but then I would dearly pay for that "fun". I would have fever, aches, chills, vomiting, the whole 9 yards. Everytime.
I too try to limit my family's "junk food index", but it is a hard battle. My husband is the junk food "junky" in our home so he is perceived to be the fun one, while I end up being the bad guy. The controlling party pooper.

Well, here we are again. After a few days of "junking out" I am getting sick. I can feel it. I am achy, my joints hurt, my sinuses hurt, I had an emotional meltdown yesterday & my poor husband got yelled at.
He is the one who brings it in the house. If it's here I will eat it, just like the rest of the family.
My theory is "Don't bring it in the house"!

People, people, people! Wake up & smell the stevia!

And, when there is an occasional craving why not just a bite? Why does it have to be a KING size candy bar? (Which by the way, has 4 servings in it but nobody ever reads the label.)
Or a 44 oz. sugary drink? (how many servings in that one?)
Or why not just one small candy bar instead of a MEGA bag? (You think you're saving money by buying in bulk, but you will be paying with your health.)

Ok, I'm getting down off my soap box for a breather.

All this to say, we should become pro-active, informed consumers. We should become educated about our food, learn how to read labels, & listen to our bodies.
Contact the food companies & government rep.s to say we want healthier food.
Stop buying the junk & grow a garden!


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  1. I agree with you. Sugar is a killer when it is refined and not taken in moderation.
    But in this day and age in the good old USA everything is processed.
    If we can eat the whole food then we are eating as God intended. This is what our body needs.
    I bless you as I see you trying very hard to be healthy. It isn't easy.